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Research and application of new relaxation science for pain medicine

Lingering stress response causes chronic pain and degeneration after injury damage heals. With proper guidance, the sympathetic nervous system can eliminate chronic stress response from the injury site, in any area of the body, for permanent pain relief—not pain management.

What is Medicine?

Medicine is support for the healing capacity of target body systems. The purpose of medical research is to 1) determine which system needs support, and 2) what form of support. Support equals proper medical procedure. Adequate support enables the body to do what it already knows how to do, i.e. natural functioning.

What is Science?

Science is observation of reality for the purpose of learning new information. Scientists discover information new to humanity. Scientific means the capacity to learn and support learning radical ideas. People are scientific to the extent that they 1) acknowledge data without believing or disbelieving, and 2) insist on personal observation. Belief without observation opposes science.

What is Behavior?

Behavior is expression of impulse that immediately changes one's emotional state. Impulses are generated throughout the human organism. Effective expression is healthy behavior. Ineffective expression is dysfunction or mistake. If behavior is understood mechanically, conversion from dysfunction to health becomes predictable. Conversion is an involuntary response to supportive conditions.

What is Relaxation?

In behavior science terms, relaxation is always an effect of behavior. Relaxation occurs automatically when behavior is healthy and effective. A nervous system event, relaxation is a doorway to biological healing processes. The autonomic nervous system is the interface between behavior and body. One’s entire body is thus influenced by behavior, in each moment, for better or worse.

Behavior science

meets medical science.

Portland Pain Institute features the Arneson Method of Guided Relaxation, a revolutionary approach to chronic pain elimination. New behavior science elucidates the mechanics of relaxation, affording dependable access to heretofore unknown medical responses. Sudden, permanent relief from injury-related chronic pain is one such response. A product of over 20 years of clinical research, the Arneson Method continues to identify new applications.

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