Andrew Arneson, LMT is a medical scientist and founder of the Arneson Method of Guided Relaxation and SNS Pain Discharge Therapy. He began his career in massage therapy, in 1992, and for ten years used his practice as a laboratory for exploring the mechanics and benefits of facilitated relaxation. From 2002, he developed a pioneering counseling method that produced his pivotal behavior model. To date, Arneson has made more than a dozen major medical and psychological discoveries, including the sympathetic nervous system’s pain discharge mechanism and reliable activation thereof. He is the first person to identify human behavior as a body system—the behavior system, comprised of nine distinct functions. His behavior model informs a new behavior science and provides the mechanical basis for a new field of medicine.

Arneson is also a writer, outdoor enthusiast, healthcare devotee, musician, and composer for strings and organ. He relocated to Oregon in 2019. For personal healthcare and anti-aging, Arneson recommends a low-fat raw vegan diet (80-10-10), aggressive exercise including high intensity intervals, intermittent and prolonged water fasting, the Wilson’s Thyroid Syndrome protocol, the Cutler protocol for metal detox, sauna, Chi Kung, daily relaxation exercises, full respiration, water filtration, and sunlight.

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