Head injury

This 56 year-old man suffered a severe head impact in the Navy over thirty years before, when he attempted to dive through a narrow ship door, but missed. Although his head and head pain had apparently healed normally, long ago, he had experienced intermittent neck pain, limited neck range of motion, and frequent headaches since his head was injured. He no longer considered the head injury to be an issue, nor did we suspect a connection to the ongoing neck problem.

As his neck relaxed in session, a dull ache appeared at the spot where his head was struck. He focused attention on the pain, which intensified before it ceased abruptly, indicating a decisive discharge. Immediately, the tension in his neck decreased and mobility returned. After several years of complete relief, we concluded that his condition was permanently resolved.

This case illustrates just how well the body can store memory of physical trauma. The subject had not felt pain at the injury site for decades. Anyone with musculoskeletal pain should be checked for old injuries, even when there is no obvious relationship between the old injury and the current symptoms.

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