Chronic hepatitis C

This 55 year-old woman started receiving Arneson Method counseling with chronic hepatitis C and severe liver damage. Hers was a worst case scenario for the disease, given her blood type and advanced liver degeneration. Four months after starting with me, she began chemotherapy treatments with Interferon. At her second session after starting chemotherapy, she noticed heat and pressure in her liver area. She focused her attention on the sensations while sitting upright and comfortable. She felt a discharge from her liver area as waves of pressure, aching, and a feeling of outward release. We repeated the discharge procedure in subsequent sessions, whenever she had sensations of heat and pressure in the liver area. At her eleventh weekly session after we first focused on her liver area, she announced that her blood tests showed zero hepatitis C virus. Her doctors were so surprised that they tested her blood several times to ensure that no mistakes were made.


In some cases, Interferon treatment is known to quickly reduce the hepatitis C virus count. Yet, this subject’s doctors found her case extraordinary. Regardless, this case illustrates how pain can be discharged and stagnation cleared from internal organs, as opposed to muscles and joints. Every cubic inch of the body is equipped to relax, energize, contract, and discharge—all functions of the autonomic nervous system, expressed at the cellular level. Moreover, her healing discharges were clearly aided by her focus on physical sensations.

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